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Helping Underutilized Businesses Achieve Their Maximum Potential

Why Support

The American Dream was founded on the idea that anyone with a great idea can make it here. And yet, starting a business remains more difficult for socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, who often find it harder to raise cash, get credit or make business connections. Learn More.

How To Help

Visitors can help further the cause of socially and economically disadvantaged businesses first by getting educated, a process this blog was established to assist. Secondly, they can lend their own business expertise through a growing number of groups formed to help businesses. Learn More.


Our blog strives to cover the many challenges of starting a business for historically disadvantaged populations, ideas for giving them a leg up and stories about how efforts across the country are helping businesses to succeed. Learn More.

Fostering Action in Dallas and Beyond

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About David Kiger


David R. Kiger is a self-made business success, having built Worldwide Express into a global package and freight shipping firm with $550 million in annual systemwide sales. He believes small businesses form the backbone of the U.S. economy, and he believes a diverse and competitive climate is the secret to a prosperous future. Learn more.

David Kiger
Founder and Executive Chairman of Worldwide Express

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