The Importance of Gratitude

It’s easy for small business owners to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle. But those that take the time to show gratitude for good work and helpful efforts may earn a more positive outlook on their entrepreneurial endeavors, and simultaneously make the people around them feel better as well.

Here’s a look at how gratitude can help small business owners.

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How to Overcome Fear in Business

Fear is an unfortunate but inevitable feeling for anyone in business, especially after years of a rollercoaster economy and stories of layoffs across the country. When disaster strikes, a business leader will naturally feel it too, but how they handle it may be key toward getting past it.

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Scouting the Perfect Startup Location

Location, location, location.

Entrepreneurs will need to keep that old chestnut of a phrase in mind when looking for the right place to launch a small business. And many more questions will inevitably follow:

  • What is the target market for the product or service?
  • What would be the most fertile ground for a new business?
  • What is the cost of living in those areas?

So many factors go into scouting the perfect city for a startup. Here’s a sample of elements to keep in mind.

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Finding Your Leadership Voice

A business leader may have the education, the experience and the drive to successfully guide a company. Just as crucial — but perhaps not as well defined — is voice (and no, we don’t mean “voice” as in falsetto vs. baritone).

Voice in this case is an extension of the person. It’s their brand, their way of doing things, their expertise and how it is communicated. Those who show strong leadership skills often have developed this sense of voice throughout their careers. For those who haven’t, it may be time to examine it further. Here are a few ways to get started.

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Is Online Lending the Right Choice for Your New Business?

Entrepreneurs wanting to get a small business off the ground may be intimidated by getting a traditional bank loan. The time involved, the hoops to jump through, the paperwork, the approval process — that’s a big mountain to climb.

So many are turning to online lenders. Some of these upstart companies boast they can offer a line of credit “within minutes.”

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Using Technology to Level the Playing Field

There’s an interesting story over on the financial side of, featuring startup companies that are aiming to use technology in order to “level the playing field” for women and minorities. Writer Sara Ashley O’Brien details nine innovative businesses that are striving for this kind of progress. Let’s take a look at a few of these smart young startups.

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Tackling Last-Minute Taxes

As April 15 nears, many Americans began to feel a growing sense of dread. For small business owners, especially new ones that haven’t experienced a tax process before, it’s best to ask for help — and, at this point, some extra time. Here’s a look at some last-minute tax tips.

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Getting Certified as a Minority or Woman-Owned Business

Becoming certified as either a minority or woman-owned business can open doors to business opportunities that may remain closed to uncertified businesses. However, the application process is not without its challenges. It can be easy for business owners to get discouraged. The following information could be helpful when deciding whether minority or woman-owned business certification is beneficial for your organization.

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Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest generation in the workplace. But, who are they? What do they value? Where are they going in life? Why are they beneficial to the workforce? It is crucial that leaders and managers have a proper understanding of what makes this upcoming generation tick.

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Building a Winning Team

There’s a certain pioneer spirit that can go along with starting a new small business. An ambitious owner may feel a sense of bravery in attempting such an endeavor. It’s not easy to strike out on your own, become your own boss and follow your passions.

But it’s often just as crucial to build a winning team around you. Attracting and assembling the right combination of talent and personalities may help a business get off the ground quickly and on the path to success. Here are a few tips on assembling the right kind of support staff.

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