The Future of SMB Funding

What is the future of small business funding?

According to an article by Marc Prosser, companies like FundBox, OnDeck, and Fundera have been able to generate a large amount of money in a short amount of time for primarily two reasons. “They are as much technology companies as they are finance companies,” he wrote. “They are serving a market, small businesses, which has been neglected by banks for decades.”

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What a Business Owner Can Learn from Gamification Techniques

What helps build a brand? Loyal customers who keep coming back, who they let their devotion be known. But it’s hard when, especially given the nature of the Internet, to find those kinds of customers when the competition is extremely tight.

You want your customers to review your product and talk about its uses, and a way that’s becoming more common is called “gamification.”

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Dealing with Micro-Inequities in the Workplace

“Micro-inequities” might not be a common term used by some business owners, but it describes something that often happens in the workplace. The usage of the term goes back to 1973 and it comes from Mary Rowe, who was the president and chancellor of MIT. Essentially, micro-inequities are words that are used and behavior that is enacted towards people who are perceived to be different from others in the workplace.

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How to Foster Workplace Diversity

We might not have any choices in the people we’re related to, but we do have a choice with the people we hire. We might not get along all the time, but what’s most important is that our job gets done.

Workplace diversity, as pointed out in this article by Eric Markowitz, can be absolutely critical to success.

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Some Useful Tax Reminders for Small Businesses

Taxes are a part of life. And for a small business owner, they are a major part of running a business. Sometimes taxes, especially the fear of penalties, feel like they’re zapping all your strength in successfully running what you created from the ground up. Despair is not the answer.

Let’s look at some issues that important to know, as Terry Sheridan outlines in this article.

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Keys to Success: 3 Things the Music Industry Can Teach Us

Time after time, when a new technology comes out that affects the music industry, there is resistance by the elders. Lots of resistance, actually. When recorded music was presented as a payable option on vinyl, there was a fear people would stop going to live performances. When cassette tapes could record music off the radio, a turntable or a CD player, there was a fear of a future where no one bought music anymore. There was a very similar fear when Napster came out and people shared MP3s ripped from CDs.

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Lessons from Business Leaders: Tammy Bingham

Husband and wife Bo and Tammy Bingham are strong believers in what Brain Balance Achievement Centers can do for children who have academic, social or behavioral challenges. The Binghams’ sons brought them to one of Brain Balance’s centers and the dramatic improvement in their sons’ development led to the Binghams to operate centers in Utah. What can a business owner learn from the Bingham’s success?

Tammy spoke to the Huffington Post about the challenges, rewards, and lessons learned by making the decision to work for Brain Balance.

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Perks of Being a Small Business Owner

There are an abundance of benefits to starting a small business. There is the biggie, of course — being your own boss. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here’s a look at some of the other perks for running your own show.

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Passion: An Entrepreneur’s Lifeblood, but Also Potentially a Downfall

Chances are, you started your business because you have a passion and a vision for whatever it is you do.

That’s good, because you’ll need abundant reserves of both things if you are to succeed: A vision for where your business – and your industry – are headed, and passion to drive you through the lean times until you find sustained profitability.

However, beware the pitfall of passion. If you follow it blindly, your vision will suffer, causing you to start lying to yourself about your product or service, your industry and your market.

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Keys to Success: New Opportunities for Women in Business

We’ve seen lots of headlines recently about women small business owners, including two senators seeking to boost opportunities, and women’s superior efforts in crowdfunding. Here’s a look at those developments.

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