David Kiger built a $750 million company from a $5,000 investment. Now he’s sharing expertise and resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs live their dreams.

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Everyone excels at something. Some are geniuses with numbers. Some are prodigies with art. David Kiger’s hallmark skill is recognizing a startup’s potential and clearly seeing its path to realization. Success resides where opportunity and intelligence meet, and a desire to learn is the cornerstone to excellence in all areas of life. From film to glamour, from high-tech to TED talks, David’s wide range of investments and involvements are testimony to his philosophy that the best ideas can come from anywhere – if one only knows where to look.


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Seven Work-Life Balance Tips for Executives

Work-life balance is among the most challenging aspects of being a professional. Achievement and advancement often come with heavy workloads and long hours, and our personal lives can inevitably take a hit. Add being plugged in to work at all times via email and text,... read more

David Kiger Sponsors Dallas International Film Festival

As a member of the board of the American Film Institute and a previous executive film producer myself, I’m passionate about empowering screenwriters and filmmakers to realize their dreams. I was honored and privileged to have the opportunity to do this on a local... read more